Naturebox - An Environmentally-Inspired Theme

Naturebox. A mobile-responsive, environmentally-friendly theme with many boxes for highlighting different things. 

I call this theme "naturebox" because it has a lot of boxes and because works well with environmental initiatives, movements, and organizations. It would also do well for a political candidate who needs to put his or her best environmentally-friendly foot forward.   Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque ornare tellus at est convallis, eget mattis quam elementum. Integer ligula orci, aliquam faucibus tempor quis, suscipit ut nisi. Mauris euismod mi non blandit congue. 



This is a permanent box that does not change. It is meant to highlight a secondary call to action, such as an important page to be read, or to provide a volunteer opportunity or or sign a petition. 

Follow this Issue

This is the first blog post. You can insert photos into a post and embed content. Blogs are extremely useful,...

The Facts

This box is meant to highlight one to three must-read facts. It can link to an internal issues page, or a blog post, or a video. Because it is up front and center, it will get a lot of eyeballs.